Poster Design

18” x 24”
Print on premium matte paper,
September, 2019

Pitchfork Music Festival takes place in Chicago, Illinois every year and is attended by the masses. Organizing the information of each band, the stage they play at, and the time is integral to the functionality of the festival and the ease of the festival-goers. Additonally, I wanted to split the information up into the genre. The attendees don’t know every band, and this poster makes it easier for them to decide who to see.

I started by fact checking the information to make sure it was correct, and then made full size sketch I could start playing with a grid structure and font size.

In my initial drafts, the genre sections were not unified by a strong baseline grid. After physically cutting out sections and rearranging them like a puzzle, I found a structure that looked more balanced. At this stage, I was still using a solid background, which made the poster feel flat and lifeless.

My main issue was the lack of depth and excitement. This poster is for a summer music festival—a setting full of energy and excitement. With the solid typography I achieved, I was able to let loose and go crazy for the

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